If you understand and believe that our brains have evolved to evolve, that we were designed to constantly change then now you have the start of a roadmap for reaching your potential. There are different sources and kinds of fear. The three primary categories are physical, emotional and instinctual fear. Those can be further broken down. In this test you answered questions from eight specific categories that drive success, happiness and fulfillment.

Understanding your results:

Score of 8 and above are your areas of strength - you have courage in these areas and should be confident in your abilities and decisions made for these categories. 

Any scores between 5 and 7 means you have room for growth and can improve these areas. You are likely aware you need some focus attention in theses areas because you likely struggle. Be conscious to especially make sure you follow the E from the BASE method - Eliminate the Shortcuts for the fears in this range.  

A score below 5 are the areas that most likely are your blindside, you may not even realize how weak you are in these areas because your fear-based reactions (not pro-actions) are all done subconsciously.  The first step is searching out a possible Fear Frontier - from your childhood - that might have planted the seed for these fears. Then you need to actively search out situations that put you in a place of fear and lean into it.